Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pyro Pizza

I recently visited Pyro's on my birthday December 26 with about 15 people. The staff was great. I in advance reserved the party room that comes with a flat screen television mounted high on the wall. Guest usually have to go through a line to customize their pizza or salad which by the way the kitchen is wide open for viewing the crafting of your meal. The prices are very affordable for $8.99 you can create your own snack size pizza and salad. We had well over 10 pizza ranging from barbecue chicken to southwestern which was topped with black beans. I asked my guest what they thought about the food each person gave PYRO'S a thumbs up. Several of my guest had salads; the cajun chicken salad was a favorite throughout the crowd. The restaurant was very busy but the manager Cody took our orders so we did not have to wait in the long line which I'm giving him major brownie points for his hospitality. I enjoyed my visit to pyro's and will return to enjoy their food again.


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